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Week One Done
Back to work in the morning. Man, I think I could do with a few more weeks of sleep. I had plenty of plans for today regarding my decluttering & cleaning in advance of tax season hopes, all of which pretty much fell by the wayside as I napped. And napped.
And ordered out for dinner, watched this season's Republic of Doyle premiere and am now planning to go to bed. Alice seems like-minded, she has been napping alongside for much of it. 

Sue & Doug's open house yesterday; went with Nathalie, Maurice & Jonathan, and it was ok. Still not feeling in the mood for crowded social activity, but managed not to hide. She has started her carpentry course and they are doing mathematics now - addition of whole numbers, apparently. :) I dare say she is coping (Sue has a MSc in biology...)

Got my hair done Saturday morning - another crayon-bright red but had a lot cut off. Betty thought it needed reshaping and I dare say she was right. It feels a bit odd yet. We shall see. 

Right. Off to pick up the rubbish for the morning & then bed. Yawn.

New Year
Well, I didn't post much in 2012, but I'm not giving up on  LJ yet. I hope. I've met and gotten close to some very important (to me) people here.

Me & the kits are back in town today after spending Christmas home with Mom. It was very quiet; the only visiting I did was to Angie's one evening and to my brother's another. There was  certainly a degree of battery-recharging - and the feeling that I had nothing to do most of the time was certainly no bad thing.

My main memory of 2012 is, of course, the cellulitis and hospital stay. It's healed, generally, but I still have pain, deep, like in the bone, especially at night - the doctor said there is probably nerve damage. :( Another broken part never to be mended.

I bought a new Hudson's Bay blanket (red; four-point) for the kits and I for Christmas. I have one on my bed out at Mom's; that blanket was Nan's and is probably as old as I am. The kits love cuddling up on it and nap there always when they are out there. So, one for here, too - it will keep us all warm; and last longer than I do, probably.

We are moving office next week, to a brand-new building. Going to be unsettled, hope it all goes well. And we are looking for a replacement tax administrative assistant as Sam finished just before Christmas to go back to school. I really hope that get sorted quickly - tax season is nearly upon us!


This evening
Harbour night
I left work, (Jason picked me up), went to the cash machine & then to Shoppers Drug Mart, to pick upa  few things, including more painkillers for my leg, which has what feels like a pinched nerve.

My fucking wallet got stolen. Not to mention my cash & credit card, it had over $450 cash in it. I am pissed.

Christmas cards
Harbour night
Dear friends who are collecting Christmas card addresses (or for _insert_winter_celebration_here).

I would love to receive from any or all of you e-cards or notes. Please don't send me paper cards. I don't send any - I take the money I would have spent and give it to a local soup kitchen.

I will happily send you e-cards or similar - comment if you would like one. (Comments screened in case you want to discreetly give me an email address)

Jo xxxx

Another Friday night...


via f4f3 Hmmm. Geographic content?

I write like
Margaret Atwood

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I'll have a P, Bob...
The music meme from hano... you all know how it goes. Comment and ask for a letter and you too can write your own five-song (or six. Or seven. Or whatever...) playlist beginning with that letter. Or not. If you like.

So.... it's HOT. The water is green and wind is up and I am drained. Sufficiently that I am not even feeling guilty about lazing around, oozing off the sofa occasionally to top up on liquids. Just as an FYI: I haven't started drinking alcohol yet, but it can't be far off.

Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan. A summer song from my past... the summer I first remember hearing this was probably the last of my teens and hot, with not a lot of money, nor of responsibility. We drank and danced and played and oh, that seems a long time ago now. Not long after I moved to the UK, I saw SRV in Manchester one hot night when the power kept cutting and he kept playing as best he could, occasionally pausing in disbelief as everything ground to a halt. Still quite the show. I'm not a comfortable, relaxed dancer, but this will drag me onto the floor and make me forget everyone is there, if I have a partner who feels the same way. I recall me and someone I shouldn't have even been with put on a bit of a show one other hot summer night, dancing to this in a club in Bolton...

People Who Died - Jim Carroll How did I run into this? I don't know, but Keef giving it the thumb's up couldn't have hurt. Heard it, went on to read his book ("The Basketball Diaries"), never saw the movie (Leo diCaprio? I mean... as bad as Tom Cruise being cast in "Interview with the Vampire"...) and now, so many years later, I could probably write my own list. RIP Chris. And Brendan. And you too, Jim.

Perfect Skin - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Because I was never that girl.

Paint It, Black - Rolling Stones And because this one, I was. And we can argue about the comma later...

Pay Me My Money Down - Bruce Springsteen Workers of the world, unite... or something... there is a delicious irony when this pops up on random - it's always when I'm at work, hot, tired and probably flustered. But I love the way it sounds.

And, of course, then you go, but what about the others? And it's true, some can't be left out, like...

Pure by the Lightning Seeds A lovely bit of wistfulness

Pagan Lovesong - the Virgin Prunes Because sometimes you need blokes in dresses and makeup. No, really, you do.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light Weren't expecting that, were you? It's the heat.

And I can't find links for these - one not unexpectedly - but Eddi Reader singing "Please Don't Ask Me to Dance" and Blair Harvey and the Dregs' "Paddy Pissed the Bed Again" off his brilliant "Gutter Be Gutted" (local boy there).

And finally - because I can - Rush doing A Passage to Bangkok.

Madrugada - Hands Up - I Love You

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And all I do is miss you and the way we used to be.
All I do is keep the beat... and bad company.